The 2018 NFL Season is Here!

The NFL’s brief off-season is over (the way we see it, football never really stops; it just slows down in May and June)! We’ve had a great year so far here at, and it’s only getting better with the action starting on the field.

Long-time PowerHouse members should notice that, over the past year or so, our site’s performance and reliability has improved by leaps and bounds. That’s due to several changes we made here behind the scenes.

First, we brought in a new developer, Marianne, in July of 2017. She’s been a godsend, to put it mildly. One of our biggest problems historically was that our prior developer, talented as he is, had increasingly found it difficult to devote the time that our project needed to really keep things running smoothly.

That’s no longer the case. Now, when a technical issue comes up, it not only gets fixed more quickly, but we also take the time to hunt down the root cause and take steps to prevent it from recurring in the future.

We’ve also made a number of improvements to the site that I think make a big difference. Most notable is the new Draft Prospects page, which rolled out last spring. We left the old page up, too, if for some reason you prefer that one.

You can now also look at your team’s historical seasons with a year drop-down selector on the Standings page. This is the kind of high-impact, but relatively simple to build, enhancement that we’re trying to do more of. If you have any ideas that you’d like to see us implement, please let us know in the Forum, via the Feedback tab on the game pages, or post a reply to this article.

Another big improvement this year relates to player contracts. We have always gotten our contracts

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2016 NFL Draft 20/20 Hindsight


When you sign up to run a virtual NFL team here on, you start in the timeline at one week after the most recent Super Bowl. We do this in order to give newcomers lots to do right away and an immediate opportunity to put a thumbprint on their teams. After all, if you start in July, you’ve already missed the NFL Draft and free agency, and the waiver wire options are pretty lean.

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2016 NFL Draft Prospects Updated


With the 2016 all-star games and scouting Combine now behind us, it’s full steam ahead through pro days to the 2016 NFL Draft, which begins on Thursday, April 28th. The NFL is unique among all major sports in that you could make a credible argument that the “business season” (don’t call it the off-season around these here parts, buster) is every bit as dramatic as the regular season.

And that’s just fine with us, as in our little corner of the world, this is our favorite time of the year.

We have had our 2016 NFL Draft Prospects up on our site since November. We typically start with about 1,000 draft-eligible prospects, then delete a few (more on that in a moment) and add a bunch. No matter how hard we try to get everyone, it happens every year in the sixth or seventh round, when we are beyond bleary-eyed: someone (I’m talking to you, Belichick) drafts a prospect that’s not on our list, and we have to scramble to add him. Other additions come from our Members, so if there’s a prospect you think we’re missing, let us know.

Over the weekend, we made a major revision to this list that included 149 additions of prospects that got on the radar since November. We also removed a few dozen prospects who were generally expected to be in this draft class, but for whatever reason are not. Some of the more notable deletions are:

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PowerHouse Turns 20… Sort of…

I use Outlook calendar, and sometimes I get reminders that I totally forgot about (I know, that’s what reminders are for.) But this was a good one: February 2nd is one of PowerHouse’s milestone anniversaries. It was on that date in 1996 when I first had the idea that would eventually become our NFL General Manager simulation. Twenty years ago yesterday.

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NFL GM Game: PowerHouse is Growing


The 2014 NFL season is off to a fast start, and PowerHouse is starting fast as well. We’ve made a ton of improvements to our site and iGMTM, our NFL General Manager game, and those will only continue throughout the 2014 season and beyond. Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve already done and what we’ll be doing in the near future…

First, we’ve made a long overdue change to our site by placing our standard header on all of our pages, both content pages, like this blog posting, and our iGMTM game pages. You can now access the entire site in one way from any page using one menu structure, and you’ll see your login status wherever you are. It looks like this:


Putting our header on every site page is just one of the steps we have taken to make the site more standardized and user-friendly with one consistent look and feel. Another is the re-formatting of our NFL GM sim game pages with larger fonts. You can put the reading glasses away!

To make space for the larger fonts, we moved the team information on game pages to the top:


Another change we made recently was to’s site Forum. We upgraded to the latest version of the forum software, which includes new features like the ability to upload images. Along with the upgrade, we resolved some long-standing issues, like trouble with uploading personal avatars and an inconsistent login/logout process from the Forum pages (we put our site standard header there, too!)

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2014 NFL Draft Prospects Uploaded

Start Scouting for the 2014 NFL Draft!

By Chris Barry,

2014 NFL Draft Prospects Jadeveon ClowneyHopefully, your iGM team is thinking more about the playoffs right now than the 2014 NFL Draft.  But whether that’s the case or not, it’s never too early to get started on scouting for next spring!

We’re happy once again to give you the tools to do your scouting right here on our site.  And, soon, we’ll again have a downloadable prospects spreadsheet that you can use on your own if you like.

This table will change, probably a lot, over the coming months.  It includes underclassmen who may return to school, and doesn’t include others who may opt to come out early.  We’ll adjust accordingly as the picture clears up.

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NFL Draft Prospects | Review of 2013 “Steals”

Updated iGM Draft Restrictions for Steals of the 2013 NFL Draft

By Chris Barry,

NFL Draft Review Keenan AllenFor fans interested in our site and our iGM game, one of the most enjoyable events of the NFL season is the NFL Draft.  It’s like Christmas in April (well, now in May,) as the fates of all 32 teams in the league will twist and turn based on the decisions made on Draft weekend.

Every year, we take a look back at the most recent draft after we have had some time to watch the rookies play a bit.  Obviously, we won’t know for sure how each player will do over time until years down the road, but we can at least make some observations at this point with respect to some players that have exceeded expectations (and, by “expectations,” we mean where the players were drafted.)

For NFL geeks like us, this is a fun little exercise, but we have a purpose as well.  When new Members sign up and start running a virtual NFL team in our iGM game, they automatically start back in time – one week after the last Super Bowl.  We do that so new people can really get into the game right from the start.

But, there’s also quite a bit of 20/20 hindsight potential by this time of the year.  Once you know a bit about this year’s class, you could cheat (I’ll leave out the “you’re only cheating yourself” speech) and draft differently.

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NFL GM Simulation | NFL Defensive Schemes

NFL Defensive Schemes – Beyond 4-3 or 3-4

By Ted Bartlett,

Editor’s note:  We first saw this article in an email from Ted Sundquist’s site.  The former Broncos GM has been doing a fine job of pulling together some of the smarter independent NFL content of late, as well as continuing to generate excellent original content.

This piece, by Ted Bartlett of, is one of the most forward-thinking articles we’ve seen.  It’s exactly the kind of thing that appeals to our audience as they participate in our realistic GM simulation, and our cerebral approach to the NFL more generally (we try, anyway.)

And, we’re very amused by the Ted’s site’s name.  According to IAOFM’s “About” page, their name originated from a 1977 game with the upstart Broncos in Oakland visiting the then-dominant Raiders.  As the Broncos closed out their victory, Denver LB Tom Jackson (now of ESPN) approached portly Oakland coach John Madden and said, “It’s all over fat man!”

On to the article…

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