A Great Season After a Great Off-Season!

We’re more than halfway through the 2018 season already – I’m constantly amazed at how fast the NFL season passes. It’s been a season full of surprises, and I just came across a blog article I started back in September and thought it would be interesting to finish it now with the benefit of a little hindsight.

I’ve been an NFL Draft nut for more than 30 years. I’m not afraid to admit it, because I know I’m among friends here! My love of the NFL Draft is actually where PowerHouse came from. I was never really all that interested in how well I could predict who the real-life NFL teams would draft; I was more interested in seeing how I could do as a talent evaluator myself; what kind of team could I build if I was an NFL General Manager?

I started keeping a virtual team in Excel in 1995, and the rules that would eventuallybe baked into our web-based NFL General Manager simulation evolved from that over several years. When we first went live in testing mode, we used data from 2011. So, my flagship virtual team – the one you see if you go to the game pages on our site when you’re not logged in – has played eight virtual seasons already.

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PowerHouse Sports Launches highly realistic iGM Game

Biggest innovation in fantasy football in a generation allows serious NFL fans to see how they would do as the General Manager of a real NFL team

White Plains, NY.  December 1st, 2011 – Fantasy football, played by 24 million people in North America in 2010, is a billion dollar business.  It’s a game where participants manage virtual teams made up of real-world players, and compete with their friends’ teams based on the statistical performance of the players in real life.

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